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CoD Ghosts Cheats

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Call of Duty Ghosts Prestige Hack

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  • Fly Hack – Fly around the map sniping people and ambushing your enemies!
  • ESP – Know your enemy stats, health and position on the map.
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  • God Mode – Be the ultimate Soldier by turning this option on ( you will be immune to all kinds of damage).
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Nemesis DLC

Call of duty: Ghosts – Nemesis (DLC): overview of the cards “Gold Rush” and “Sub Zero”



The two cards “Gold Rush” and “Sub zero” from the DLC Pack “Nemesis”, the fourth and final download add-on for call of duty: Ghosts, are presented with the following videos.

“Gold Rush” is located in an abandoned gold mine in the southwest of the United States. A nested network of cavernous tunnels and dangerous shafts creates the ideal conditions for fights on short to medium distance. On the two mining trucks that whiz around on the abandoned lines, players can move quickly on the map. Who meets the unique field order in the map, let go of an aggressive Wolf Pack so, that you crashing out on his enemies.

“Sub Zero” takes players on a frosty base for U-boats in Canada, which has been evacuated once head-over – here comes an almost eerie atmosphere. Based on the classic Tri-lane design, this medium-sized card is home to a mysterious danger all those who decimated the enemies who do manage to meet the special field order.

On August 5, the fourth and last this DLC package for call of duty appears with nemesis: Ghosts on Xbox Live for Xbox one and Xbox 360 nemesis expands the game with four multiplayer maps and the fourth extinction episode “Exodus”. The other platforms will have to wait – as usual – one month on the DLC Pack. Nemesis is for 14,99 Euro available individually or as part of a season pass (49.99 euros).

New Micro DLC released

New micro-DLC revealed for Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts is still plenty of played and from tomorrow, players at the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 finally get on with Invasion mappack. In addition to these large DLC packs also regularly appear smaller downloadable items, and meanwhile, Infinity Ward again a lot of new micro-DLC announced.

This is about three new character packs, six new camouflage packages and two weapons. These weapons had already appeared in the first two mappacks, but can now also be bought so. The following is an overview of all micro-DLC items, including images and at the top of the post you’ll see a trailer where the DLC in action is shown. All packages are available since yesterday on Xbox Live and come so about about a month to the PlayStation Network.

Character packs

  • Inferno Character – A firefight really becomes a fire fight with the Inferno Character Pack. Burn down any multiplayer match by equipping this eye-catching uniform and 2 different headgear options.
  • Bling Character – Live the high life head-to-toe with the Bling Character Pack. Blind your enemies with a gold and diamond accented with a uniform and 2 different headgear options.
  • Blunt Force Character – Arm yourself with the Blunt Force Character Pack and enemies will experience chronic defeat at your hands. The pack comes complete with a leafy uniform and 2 different headgear options.

Camouflage packages

  • Skulls Pack – Send your enemies to the grave with the Skulls Personalization Pack. Deck your kit out with an undead themed camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.
  • Leopard Pack – Stalk your prey in the shadows with the Leopard Personalization Pack, featuring an animal print camo for your weapons, plus a themed reticle, patch, playercard and background.
  • Hydra Pack – More dragon heads equal more fire, and that is just what the Hydra Personalization Pack delivers thanks to a fiery camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.
  • Abstract Pack – Sometimes you have to engage in Post-modern warfare. Deploy with the vivid Abstract Personalization Pack, complete with a masterfully painted camo, ink-splattered reticle, patch, playercard and background.
  • Nebula Pack – Look light-years ahead of your competition with the Nebula Personalization Pack. This pack comes complete with a nebular camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.
  • Tattoo Pack – The Tattoo Personalization Pack gets you ready for life on the high seas. Set sail with a nautical camo, anchored reticle, as well as patch, playercard and background.


  • The Maverick – Outfitted with a lightweight wood stock and a digital screen display, players can choose to use the Maverick as either an assault rifle or sniper rifle, depending on their tactical needs. As an Assault Rifle the weapon’s fire rate becomes fully auto with relatively high damage at range, and as a Sniper Rifle the Maverick sports an advanced scope and a semi-auto rate of fire.
  • The Ripper – Provides players with two different configurations: medium to short-range capability as a Sub Machine-Gun (SMG), and medium to long-range as an Assault Rifle (AR). This unique 2-in-1 weapon has the ability to switch from SMG to AR and back again on the fly in the midst of battle, at the touch of a button, giving maximum flexibility to adjust to a variety of map types and tactics.

New Call of Duty Ghosts update for PC

Call of duty: Ghosts – new update for the PC version


Activision has released a new update for the PC version of call of duty: Ghost published. Thus the weapons balance changes, there are also optimizations and bug fixes for the Extincition mode and the spawn system.

Activision recently published a new update specially for the PC version of call of duty: Ghost published. Were you to made improvements to the spawn system and the anti cheat software. There are also enhancements to the extinction game mode and changes to the weapons balance. As ever a head and a body shot should no longer sufficient in many weapons, to obtain a launch.

The official patch notes of update:


  • Spawn system has an improved ability to select better spawns when valid spawn locations are limited.
  • Weapon Balance
  • One shot to the body and one shot to the head is no longer a kill for ARs, SMGs and LMGs. Increases time to kill in this scenario


  • Overall anti-cheat improvements.
  • Additional Fixes
  • Replaced Hunted victor operations and requirements to work with Gun Game.
  • Fixed 60 second match timer that could occur after playing a clan public playlist match then starting a Private Match with CODeSports disabled.
  • Dont worry our Cod Ghosts Hacks remain undetectable and functional and will remain as good as ever.


  • Player class is now displayed in game above players’ heads along with their gamertag.
  • Kastet rounds now explode at any distance.
  • Fixed an issue where players that exceeded 10 minutes in Chaos mode would get lulls
  • Fixed drill not respawning at last place picked up after falling off the map while carrying it.
  • Fixed Gargoyle getting stuck in the air.
  • Fixed issue that allowed the player to use an IMS with a propane tank to teleport outside of the map.
  • Challenge adjustments and fixes.

Balancing updates.

  • Various bug fixes to improve stability and performance.
  • Kills are now correctly displayed on the Player Stats comparison screens
  • Am Donnerstag, dem 3. Juli erscheint auch der nächste DLC für Call of Duty: Ghosts. Mit »Invasion« erhält der Shooter vier neue Multiplayer-Maps sowie einige neue Ausrüstungsgegenstände und Waffen.

New Content for the XBOX Live

chaos mode

Call of duty: Ghosts – new content on Xbox Live released

chaos mode

Infinity Ward via Xbox Live, has some new content for the shooter call of duty: Ghost published. These include inter alia six personalization packs as well as the» SOAP legend Pack «.»

The developer Infinity Ward has kept and now several new content for the Xbox versions of the shooter call of duty: ghosts released.

So from now include six so-called personalization packs via Xbox Live to download is available, bring, for example, new skins for the weapons with them. Each of these small packages are 1.99 euros. Furthermore also the 3,99 Euro is”SOAP legend Pack «available, the you in the role of call of duty: modern warfare slip 2 known soldiers SOAP McTavish leaves.»

In addition you will be able from now the two new voice packs for call of duty: download ghosts. «These replace the default voice of the multiplayer commentator with those of the US Rapper Snoop Dogg and actor R. Lee Ermey, the most certainly still of his appearance as a tough» drill instructor Hartman «on the movie”full metal jacket”are likely to know.
When exactly this content for the other versions of call of duty: ghosts will appear, is so far not yet known. A trailer of the new content can be found below this message.

Call of duty: Ghosts – new update with Chaos Mode released

Infinity Ward has a further patch for the shooter call of duty: Ghosts on the PC and the Xbox consoles released. It contains among other things the new chaos mode.

The developer Infinity Ward has a new patch for the PC and Xbox versions of the shooter call of duty: Ghost published.

This update makes not only a few changes to the balancing and the anti cheat measures. At the same time, the team will also use the chaos mode for the parts of the extinction. These join the players against endless waves of enemies. Through the series of kills the participants can earn various power-ups, to be ultimately more clout.
If and when this mode for the PlayStation versions of call of duty: ghosts will appear, is so far not yet known. As usual, you can find the full patch notes below this message.



Weapon Balance

  • MTAR-X: Reduced head-shot damage multiplier.


  • Restrict DLC weapons for clan v clan & esports mode.


  • Fixes dock exploit area in Whiteout.
  • Fixed map exploit on Freight so deployable boxes no longer stick to the gate.
  • Fixed map exploit on Warhawk so deployables no longer stick to the fence.
  • Overall anti-cheat improvements.

Additional Fixes

  • Adjusted Domination spawn logic to make it less likely for defenders to spawn near a flag if it is being captured.
  • Fix for 4096 error.
  • Fix for wiretap perk to work properly in Hardcore modes.
  • Fixed issue that classified non-sliding kills as sliding kills if the user died mid-slide.
  • Fix to default killstreak highlight to last one selected.
  • Fixed issue that allowed the user to navigate menus while accepting a clan invite.
  • Fixed flare audio after player leaves helo gunner.
  • Fixed hardcore audio alias for kill confirmed.
  • Added proper friendly alias for blitz friendly scoring.
  • Fix to properly show a popup dialog if a user tries to join on someone from the recently met player list that is a blocked user.
  • Added killcam for Night Owl deaths.
  • Fixed character scene offset causing misalignment of some characters.

New Features

  • “Chaos Mode” for Extinction.


  • Stability and performance improvements.
  • Fixed challenges that were providing more than one skill point.
  • Casual mode does not write to leaderboards.
  • Fixed issue where player models could appear stuck when taking large amounts of damage at once.
  • Improvements to drill placement logic.
  • Armor is now invulnerable when the Tank Class skill is active.


  • Late joining, spectating and players in Last Stand will now be teleported to the final Breeder fight if triggered without them.
  • Fixed case where players could prevent the Breeder from spawning on Nightfall.


  • Improved alien navigation and pathing.
  • Improved wall and ceiling navigation for aliens.
  • Updated Kraken smash and cool down logic.
  • Fixed ingredient issue where some combinations prevented creation.
  • Fixed cases where players could not turn a Rhino into a pet when using a Relic.
  • Improvements to clipping to prevent players from getting to undesirable locations.
  • Improvements to the Tesla Traps behavior.
  • Improved clipping to prevent players from placing the drill in undesirable locations.
  • MAAWS stability and tracking improvements.
  • Drill cannot be removed from the Drillbot after being placed.
  • Replaced the Drill waypoint icon after completing the defend from afar sequence.
  • Late joining, spectating players and players in Last Stand will now be teleported to the Kraken fight if triggered without them.
  • Improvements to pillage locations.
  • Deployed items in the lower portion of the ship are removed allowing for new item placement on the top deck of Mayday.
  • Friendly Seeder Turrets no longer prevent the gas sequence from triggering.
  • Intel audio snippets now play in game after being collected.
    EMP effect from the Kraken no longer impacts skill point menu access.
  • Fixed crafting scoring exploit where players would mistakenly receive funds when canceling crafting.

PC Specific Update

  • Fixed rare crash.
  • Fixed invites not being processed properly during a loading screen in Multiplayer.
  • Fix to return user to the barracks after leaving clan through clan details.

Xbox One Specific Update

  • Fixed invites not being processed properly during a loading screen in Multiplayer.

Free Call of duty: Ghosts – Onslaught DLC

free dlc

Call of duty: Ghosts – onslaught DLC on the weekend on PS4 and PS3 for free

free dlc

Activision makes the onslaught DLC for call of duty: ghosts next weekend for owner of a PlayStation 3 or a PlayStation 4 available free of charge. Include, amongst others, four new multiplayer maps.

Next weekend, the Publisher Activision launches a small virtual promotion to his shooter call of duty: ghosts. The recent onslaught DLC for Infinity Ward developed game om 25 until April 28, 2014 for a PlayStation 4 or a PlayStation 3 owners will be free to play.
The DLC Pack separately otherwise regular costs 14.99 euros and contains the multiplayer maps fog, Bayview, containment and the scrapyard reissue of ignition and the maverick gun and the first episode of the additional history of extinction.
The onslaught DLC for call of duty: Ghosts was released for the Xbox 360 and the Xbox one first the end of January 2014. Since end of February 2014 it is available also for the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4 and the PC.

Call of duty: Ghosts – supposedly only 0.33 percent of the copies sold for the Wii U

According to current reports, the previously sold copies of the shooter call of duty: Ghosts fall allegedly just 0.33 percent on the Wii U.

Just 0.33 percent of all previously sold copies of the shooter call of duty: ghosts in the United States accounted for the Wii-U version. This emerges from a current post at NeoGAF anyway.

Therefore, the version for the Xbox 360 with 55,45 percent by a wide margin is on the first place. This was followed by the PlayStation 3 version with 30.42 percent. In the stands behind the PS4 (7.39%) as well as the Xbox one (6.42%) can be found.

The Publisher Activision nor the developer Infinity Ward have so far officially confirmed these figures. They however correspond to the truth, this raises no good light on the Wii U. In the worst case, call of duty was: ghosts is published the last episode of the shooter series, the home console youngest for Nintendo’s.


Call of duty: Ghosts – PS4 campaign only day one patch to 1080 p

In the test we had already reported that the image in the campaign of the first person shooter call of duty: ghosts looks significantly turbulent, as in multiplayer. The answer: the native 1080 p resolution gets the PS4-version of the single player only with a day one patch.

No wonder that us testing of call of duty: ghosts had noticed a difference in the image quality of multiplayer and solo campaign in the PS4-version of the first person shooter. In fact, the campaign on the PlayStation 4 need a day one patch that brings the solo mode on his intended, native 1080 p resolution. Without the free download that is offered to the launch of the PS4, running the campaign in highly scaled 720 p, just like on the Xbox one. Only the multiplayer actually shows the native 1080 p. However, both modes on the classic HD-ready resolution confined on the Xbox one.

From our experience with the multiplayer mode of call of duty: Ghosts, we can say that the resolution conversion very noticeably will affect the display quality, the thing about the framerate looks like, must only show up. In multiplayer mode occur when the PS4 – as reported – occasional framerate dips.

Swatting in Cod Ghosts


Call of duty: Ghosts – multiplayer-loser sends SWAT team to  opponents home


In the United States, a new trend emerged recently: the so-called swatting. After an online game call of duty: Ghosts, a player now made use – and sent a SWAT team his superior compared to home.

It is a quite verbeitetes and apparently timeless phenomenon: quite a few players of multiplayer titles are like this, to abuse their superior opponents as cheater or hacker or to make their frustration in other way air. And”other way”can mean many things in this case. «Example:» swatting «.»

This is a new and extremely dubious trend from the United States, which found its origin in the infamous Internet Forum 4Chan. When the swatting aims to rush an unloved person from the Internet or a superior opponent in an online match – the police or in the best case a whole SWAT unit on the neck. For successful trials, there are virtual points for helicopters, involved police cars and the use of SWAT teams.
And exactly it came well after an online game call of duty: ghosts, as the reported.

In New York City settled a fact yet anonymous gamer to be carried away, via an online form his long Iceland coming opponent from a previous online match in call of duty: blaming ghosts to have murdered mother and brother. And since such notes must be taken seriously by the authorities, a 70-Member strike team moved out without further ADO, to inspect the scene of the crime and to arrest the alleged killers – what they actually found, were only an extremely frightened mother and a 17-year old, who played an online game call of duty.

Meanwhile the FBI on the matter have become involved. Currently attempting to identify the originator of the Insert. Since the emergency was deposed but over the Internet, tap the authorities even in the dark.

It is not the first time that a furious online gamer his opponent the police home aschickt by the way. As our colleagues at that time reported by, there was already a similar usage in February 2012. At the time played the swatting victim of call of duty: black OPS.

Unstoppable Call of Duty Ghosts Hacks

call of duty ghosts hacks

How hacks are shaping the Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer scene

With the popularity of cod ghosts on the rise many coders have been developing new cheats to game the system and give players an unfair advantage over their adversaries. We have provided you with one of the best hacks for call of duty ghosts for free that you can download here. The tools provided here are totally undetected and undetectable and will be updated weekly for our users to be able to use them for a long period of time.


  • Playstation 3 (PS3) and Playstation 4 (PS4)
  • Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • PC (Computer)

call of duty ghosts hacks


There is more and more pressure on the Call of Duty franchise. Many people there are now quite a bit done with it because you still more or less the same each year. And like every year is the weather to one of the two developers to show that CoD Call of Duty definitely still worth it. This time it is the turn of Infinity Ward and get the developer after a trilogy of Modern Warfare.Om a franchise to keep refreshing, it is important to renew itself each time that a developer know. Infinity Ward has at least tried to do this by introducing several new elements in Call of Duty: Ghosts. So there is now Riley, a four-legged friend who for more variety in gameplay. In multiplayer you can as a female soldier from the feet and last but not least is Infinity Ward also abandoned the Spec Ops. This has made way for Extinction, a brand new game mode where you compete against Aliens. We didn’t forgot about the previews call of duty releases and still fully support the previews Black Ops 2 Hacks that you voted as the best cheats of 2013.

The Ghosts vs. The Federation

In Call of Duty: Ghosts creep you for the most part in the skin of Logan Walker. The Federation hijacks the space station ODIN (Orbital Defense Initiative) that use them as nuclear weapon to various cities in America to help in the destruction. A number of surviving American astronauts know to limit the damage by focusing on the space station to sacrifice to make it explode. As a result, other American cities spared, but they are not at all safe.To you, Logan Walker, the clean task to The Federation to stop their terrorist activities against America.

Together with your brother (David ‘ Hesh ‘ Walker) and your father (Elias Walker) you’ll find out that soldier is kidnapped by The Federation and Ajax in an attempt to save him walk you and your brother into a trap. happy save the Ghosts you there from the hands of The Federation. After this rescue operation are you and your brother recruited for the team of Ghosts and it is time to stop The Federation.When playing the single player you will notice that Infinity Ward has indeed tried to introduce some new things here and there, but I can give you direct that it mainly more of what you’ve already seen. Everything has to see that there is a great deal of attention to the introduction of more action and suspense, but this brings with it the desired effect anyway. In almost everything you have the idea that you’re playing, what you already have played more often.

The introduction of Riley also know to change anything. Because although the parts that you from Riley’s point of view sometimes plays best entertaining comes pretty little of that gameplay back in the story. Riley has received much attention in advance, but remained in the game itself is very underexposed. Hardly you play with Riley making the potency of the four-legged friend is nothing more than just potential fun gameplay where you can see a small part of every now and then and play.




Onslaught DLC Review

Onslaught DLC Review

Call of duty: Ghosts – onslaught DLC review: little content for money

Four cards, a gun and an extinction-mission – the content of the onslaught DLC for call of duty: Ghosts is rather lean. €15 the download package is expensive to beech. However, two of the four cards are a bright spot: fog and BayView are among the best call of duty level designers have so far built.

Onslaught DLC Review

Call of duty fans have it already, the season pass. Who wanted to lie down but not directly €50, must buy now individually the DLC packs. Onslaught, the first proper Add-On for call of duty, $ 14.99: ghosts. Since the end of February, the download not only on one of the Xbox and Xbox 360 is available, but also on Playstation4, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Content, onslaught is unfortunately not much news. Four cards are included, one of which, “Ignition”, is a recycled version of the modern-warfare-map “Scrapyard”. Who just takes it, gets only three brand new maps. The only novelty is an intercontinental ballistic missile takeoff in the background. The rest is well-known: the right open terrain with high overview points is wating for campers and sniper. Containment is the exact opposite. The village is quite closely entwined, many small alleys and huts provide protection. Always involve an enemies in close quarters combat. The highlight of the map is an atomic bomb, which lies in the middle. You bother the minimap with their radioactive radiation and is a tactical adornment. Resourceful gamers can namely hunt them down through Field Orders in the air. That changed the map to its foundations and open paths and passages, where none were before. The effect is cool, containment would be but also quite boring without him.

More as the fog and BayView cards have done to us. BayView is a little reminiscent of the lakeside promenade of San Francisco and especially the docks of the idyllic town. Surrounded by small shops and kiosks ghosts and the Federation shooting each other, only disturbed by a narrow-gauge railway in the semicircle. A perfect spot for campers! The bright colors look friendly and makes the environment so unusual – BayView one of the prettiest cards from call of duty: ghosts.

Fog starts exactly at the other end of the color palette. Grey in grey, much dark, plenty of shade. The map could be in a bog, several smaller houses, all of them already half decayed. Düdelt creepy horror movie music in the background. The atmosphere is succeeded! The highlight but hides in the middle section. That is indeed undermined and on two levels. Under the floor meander narrow tunnel from one side to the other and allow it to get from A to B without being seen, above ground there is a creepy adult response from thorn bushes. You give a little cover, take point of view but also by the chubby appearance. And when you’re suddenly in there and no beam seems to be more into it, then the scary mood is perfect! The best maps ever Studio who left a call of duty, especially because they are perfectly balanced despite its idiosyncrasies include fog and BayView.

Maverick, a transformable weapon

Maverick Onslaught

Not much happening on the front of the gun. The onslaught of the DLC Pack offers a single new weapon, she is this versatile: you can choose either the Maverick before the beginning of a round as a rifle or sniper rifle, in the match, it is then no longer changeable. Fits well into the arsenal, not overpowered, is still otherwise incorrectly balanced.
The bosses in the extinction mission nightfall however are not exciting – the mission design.

Extinction map nightfall

Also extinction mode receives a major update. The Mission of nightfall is an Alienhatz dramaturgically quite nicely in a scene in which one finds where the animals come from. Too much should not expect but also by this new mission: the new missions do not offer more depth than “Drop off the drill and defend him against the advancing up wave of enemies”. Although, are due to the fat boss aliens, a challenge, but as dull tells how the predecessor.

Devastation DLC

New DLC devastation to be released next month

The second DLC Pack for call of duty: on 3 April appear initially exclusive to Xbox Live ghosts with the title is devastation. The second expansion includes four new multiplayer maps included Mayday, the second chapter of the alien-based cooperative game mode extinction.

call of duty ghosts Devastation DLC

“Ruins” is the first of four new multiplayer maps – this is based on a Mayan Temple and relies on long range battles. The second map “Collision” is located on a container ship, which is under a collapsing bridge in New York City. “Behemoth” is located in a mine in South America, “Unearthed” is a remix of the modern warfare 3-map “Dome”.

Season pass owners of Xbox Live can also download the new weapon “the Ripper”, which can turn into an assault rifle from a sub machine gun.

The DLC Pack devestation (€14,99) will be released for PlayStation systems and PC, a release date was not mentioned on the part but Activision.

Developer Infinity Ward is planning four DLC packs for call of duty: ghosts to published, that hot: onslaught, devastation, invasion and nemesis. Taking the first letter of the DLC packs, each is ODIN. Odin is in Norse mythology the father of the gods, God of war and death.

Free demo weekend on one of the Xbox and Xbox 360

Starts this Friday around 7: 00 starts the demo weekend for call of duty: ghosts. All interested parties can test for the first time the multiplayer on one Xbox and Xbox 360. Until Monday, the 10th of March, the multiplayer demo can be tested on:

“Players of the Xbox one – or Xbox 360 consoles can easily log in to Xbox Live, download the call of duty: ghosts-demo download and can immediately free play.”
The demo includes three multiplayer maps (strike zone, Warhawk and prison break), three multiplayer modes (domination, team deathmatch, search & rescue) and the absorbance mode point of contact from the main game.

Other characters and possibilities for individualization in call of duty: Ghosts

Also, the “fair package Vladimir Makarov”, as well as the three characters Rorke, Zakhaev and protective suits available are for the multiplayer game in call of duty on Xbox Live.

The “fair package Vladimir Makarov” is available at the price of 3.99 euros, 1.99 euros each, the individual characters.

PC gamers who are for their multiplayer sessions on the lookout for a suitable V-server, should look at each case with the Web host Strato. If dedicated, managed or root access, in the farms of the Telekom subsidiary each clan finds the appropriate gaming server.

Call of Duty Ghosts Customization

call of duty ghosts dlc price

Call of duty: Ghosts are now even more ways to be unique

Fans of call of duty can now: ghosts, the action blockbuster from Activision, your gameplay more individual fashion.

With the new personalization packages “Inferno”, “Spa”, “Short circuit” and “Space cat”, which are all available for multiplayer mode, you can new weapon disguises, patches and COD maps to the price of 1.99 euros and unlock wallpapers and crosshairs.

call of duty ghosts dlc price

The “fair package Captain Price” brings the legendary call of duty quests in the game. Captain Price as a multiplayer character spielbarem the package at a price of 3,99 Euro includes a special gun camouflage, a patch and a CoD map, as well as a background and the typical Captain price mustache as a new crosshair.

Furthermore, four new hero packages the multiplayer characters Elias Walker, HESH, Keegan and Merrick to give access to that already from the campaign of call of duty: ghosts are known. The price for this is $1.99 each.

Players who want to be prepared very well against all teams, can create more space for their extensive equipment with the extra places package. Thus, the existing equipment places be expanded from six to ten units per character. For $1.99 Euro increases the total number at ten characters to 40 seats.

Call of duty: Ghosts is since November 2013 * for Xbox 360 ®, Xbox one, PlayStation ® 3, PlayStation ® 4, Nintendo WiiU ™ and PC available on the market.

Thicker Ubisoft-sale and multiplayer call of duty: Ghosts for free on weekends

On steam a thicker Ubisoft sale takes place currently to 24 February, where you’ll get incredibly many titles discounted. It are not the best steam prices partially, but here you can make quite a few bargains.

Only to a few offers to name a few: RUSE gets her to 6.49 euros, the first splinter cell for 3.24 euros, far cry 3: blood Dragon for 9,74 euro, beyond good & evil for 3.24 euros, Anno 2070 for 7.49 euros, call of Juarez: Gunslinger for 9,74 euro, far cry 3 for 12.99 euros, Rayman legends for 19,49 EUR and driver: San Francisco for 6.49 euros. Take a look yourself in the Ubisoft catalog.

Who cannot do anything with the games and want to play something free on the weekend, will also find it. Over the weekend, Activision call of duty held: ghosts a free weekend, where you can play the multiplayer. Who is entscheidetet in time for a purchase, pays 50 percent of less.

At the same time, the experience points will be doubled, so that is worth playing even for those who already own the shooter.