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CoD Ghosts Cheats

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Unstoppable Call of Duty Ghosts Hacks

call of duty ghosts hacks

How hacks are shaping the Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer scene

With the popularity of cod ghosts on the rise many coders have been developing new cheats to game the system and give players an unfair advantage over their adversaries. We have provided you with one of the best hacks for call of duty ghosts for free that you can download here. The tools provided here are totally undetected and undetectable and will be updated weekly for our users to be able to use them for a long period of time.


  • Playstation 3 (PS3) and Playstation 4 (PS4)
  • Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • PC (Computer)

call of duty ghosts hacks


There is more and more pressure on the Call of Duty franchise. Many people there are now quite a bit done with it because you still more or less the same each year. And like every year is the weather to one of the two developers to show that CoD Call of Duty definitely still worth it. This time it is the turn of Infinity Ward and get the developer after a trilogy of Modern Warfare.Om a franchise to keep refreshing, it is important to renew itself each time that a developer know. Infinity Ward has at least tried to do this by introducing several new elements in Call of Duty: Ghosts. So there is now Riley, a four-legged friend who for more variety in gameplay. In multiplayer you can as a female soldier from the feet and last but not least is Infinity Ward also abandoned the Spec Ops. This has made way for Extinction, a brand new game mode where you compete against Aliens.

The Ghosts vs. The Federation

In Call of Duty: Ghosts creep you for the most part in the skin of Logan Walker. The Federation hijacks the space station ODIN (Orbital Defense Initiative) that use them as nuclear weapon to various cities in America to help in the destruction. A number of surviving American astronauts know to limit the damage by focusing on the space station to sacrifice to make it explode. As a result, other American cities spared, but they are not at all safe.To you, Logan Walker, the clean task to The Federation to stop their terrorist activities against America.

Together with your brother (David ‘ Hesh ‘ Walker) and your father (Elias Walker) you’ll find out that soldier is kidnapped by The Federation and Ajax in an attempt to save him walk you and your brother into a trap. happy save the Ghosts you there from the hands of The Federation. After this rescue operation are you and your brother recruited for the team of Ghosts and it is time to stop The Federation.When playing the single player you will notice that Infinity Ward has indeed tried to introduce some new things here and there, but I can give you direct that it mainly more of what you’ve already seen. Everything has to see that there is a great deal of attention to the introduction of more action and suspense, but this brings with it the desired effect anyway. In almost everything you have the idea that you’re playing, what you already have played more often.

The introduction of Riley also know to change anything. Because although the parts that you from Riley’s point of view sometimes plays best entertaining comes pretty little of that gameplay back in the story. Riley has received much attention in advance, but remained in the game itself is very underexposed. Hardly you play with Riley making the potency of the four-legged friend is nothing more than just potential fun gameplay where you can see a small part of every now and then and play.




Onslaught DLC Review

Onslaught DLC Review

Call of duty: Ghosts – onslaught DLC review: little content for money

Four cards, a gun and an extinction-mission – the content of the onslaught DLC for call of duty: Ghosts is rather lean. €15 the download package is expensive to beech. However, two of the four cards are a bright spot: fog and BayView are among the best call of duty level designers have so far built.

Onslaught DLC Review

Call of duty fans have it already, the season pass. Who wanted to lie down but not directly €50, must buy now individually the DLC packs. Onslaught, the first proper Add-On for call of duty, $ 14.99: ghosts. Since the end of February, the download not only on one of the Xbox and Xbox 360 is available, but also on Playstation4, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Content, onslaught is unfortunately not much news. Four cards are included, one of which, “Ignition”, is a recycled version of the modern-warfare-map “Scrapyard”. Who just takes it, gets only three brand new maps. The only novelty is an intercontinental ballistic missile takeoff in the background. The rest is well-known: the right open terrain with high overview points is wating for campers and sniper. Containment is the exact opposite. The village is quite closely entwined, many small alleys and huts provide protection. Always involve an enemies in close quarters combat. The highlight of the map is an atomic bomb, which lies in the middle. You bother the minimap with their radioactive radiation and is a tactical adornment. Resourceful gamers can namely hunt them down through Field Orders in the air. That changed the map to its foundations and open paths and passages, where none were before. The effect is cool, containment would be but also quite boring without him.

More as the fog and BayView cards have done to us. BayView is a little reminiscent of the lakeside promenade of San Francisco and especially the docks of the idyllic town. Surrounded by small shops and kiosks ghosts and the Federation shooting each other, only disturbed by a narrow-gauge railway in the semicircle. A perfect spot for campers! The bright colors look friendly and makes the environment so unusual – BayView one of the prettiest cards from call of duty: ghosts.

Fog starts exactly at the other end of the color palette. Grey in grey, much dark, plenty of shade. The map could be in a bog, several smaller houses, all of them already half decayed. Düdelt creepy horror movie music in the background. The atmosphere is succeeded! The highlight but hides in the middle section. That is indeed undermined and on two levels. Under the floor meander narrow tunnel from one side to the other and allow it to get from A to B without being seen, above ground there is a creepy adult response from thorn bushes. You give a little cover, take point of view but also by the chubby appearance. And when you’re suddenly in there and no beam seems to be more into it, then the scary mood is perfect! The best maps ever Studio who left a call of duty, especially because they are perfectly balanced despite its idiosyncrasies include fog and BayView.

Maverick, a transformable weapon

Maverick Onslaught

Not much happening on the front of the gun. The onslaught of the DLC Pack offers a single new weapon, she is this versatile: you can choose either the Maverick before the beginning of a round as a rifle or sniper rifle, in the match, it is then no longer changeable. Fits well into the arsenal, not overpowered, is still otherwise incorrectly balanced.
The bosses in the extinction mission nightfall however are not exciting – the mission design.

Extinction map nightfall

Also extinction mode receives a major update. The Mission of nightfall is an Alienhatz dramaturgically quite nicely in a scene in which one finds where the animals come from. Too much should not expect but also by this new mission: the new missions do not offer more depth than “Drop off the drill and defend him against the advancing up wave of enemies”. Although, are due to the fat boss aliens, a challenge, but as dull tells how the predecessor.

Devastation DLC

New DLC devastation to be released next month

The second DLC Pack for call of duty: on 3 April appear initially exclusive to Xbox Live ghosts with the title is devastation. The second expansion includes four new multiplayer maps included Mayday, the second chapter of the alien-based cooperative game mode extinction.

call of duty ghosts Devastation DLC

“Ruins” is the first of four new multiplayer maps – this is based on a Mayan Temple and relies on long range battles. The second map “Collision” is located on a container ship, which is under a collapsing bridge in New York City. “Behemoth” is located in a mine in South America, “Unearthed” is a remix of the modern warfare 3-map “Dome”.

Season pass owners of Xbox Live can also download the new weapon “the Ripper”, which can turn into an assault rifle from a sub machine gun.

The DLC Pack devestation (€14,99) will be released for PlayStation systems and PC, a release date was not mentioned on the part but Activision.

Developer Infinity Ward is planning four DLC packs for call of duty: ghosts to published, that hot: onslaught, devastation, invasion and nemesis. Taking the first letter of the DLC packs, each is ODIN. Odin is in Norse mythology the father of the gods, God of war and death.

Free demo weekend on one of the Xbox and Xbox 360

Starts this Friday around 7: 00 starts the demo weekend for call of duty: ghosts. All interested parties can test for the first time the multiplayer on one Xbox and Xbox 360. Until Monday, the 10th of March, the multiplayer demo can be tested on:

“Players of the Xbox one – or Xbox 360 consoles can easily log in to Xbox Live, download the call of duty: ghosts-demo download and can immediately free play.”
The demo includes three multiplayer maps (strike zone, Warhawk and prison break), three multiplayer modes (domination, team deathmatch, search & rescue) and the absorbance mode point of contact from the main game.

Other characters and possibilities for individualization in call of duty: Ghosts

Also, the “fair package Vladimir Makarov”, as well as the three characters Rorke, Zakhaev and protective suits available are for the multiplayer game in call of duty on Xbox Live.

The “fair package Vladimir Makarov” is available at the price of 3.99 euros, 1.99 euros each, the individual characters.

PC gamers who are for their multiplayer sessions on the lookout for a suitable V-server, should look at each case with the Web host Strato. If dedicated, managed or root access, in the farms of the Telekom subsidiary each clan finds the appropriate gaming server.

Call of Duty Ghosts Customization

call of duty ghosts dlc price

Call of duty: Ghosts are now even more ways to be unique

Fans of call of duty can now: ghosts, the action blockbuster from Activision, your gameplay more individual fashion.

With the new personalization packages “Inferno”, “Spa”, “Short circuit” and “Space cat”, which are all available for multiplayer mode, you can new weapon disguises, patches and COD maps to the price of 1.99 euros and unlock wallpapers and crosshairs.

call of duty ghosts dlc price

The “fair package Captain Price” brings the legendary call of duty quests in the game. Captain Price as a multiplayer character spielbarem the package at a price of 3,99 Euro includes a special gun camouflage, a patch and a CoD map, as well as a background and the typical Captain price mustache as a new crosshair.

Furthermore, four new hero packages the multiplayer characters Elias Walker, HESH, Keegan and Merrick to give access to that already from the campaign of call of duty: ghosts are known. The price for this is $1.99 each.

Players who want to be prepared very well against all teams, can create more space for their extensive equipment with the extra places package. Thus, the existing equipment places be expanded from six to ten units per character. For $1.99 Euro increases the total number at ten characters to 40 seats.

Call of duty: Ghosts is since November 2013 * for Xbox 360 ®, Xbox one, PlayStation ® 3, PlayStation ® 4, Nintendo WiiU ™ and PC available on the market.

Thicker Ubisoft-sale and multiplayer call of duty: Ghosts for free on weekends

On steam a thicker Ubisoft sale takes place currently to 24 February, where you’ll get incredibly many titles discounted. It are not the best steam prices partially, but here you can make quite a few bargains.

Only to a few offers to name a few: RUSE gets her to 6.49 euros, the first splinter cell for 3.24 euros, far cry 3: blood Dragon for 9,74 euro, beyond good & evil for 3.24 euros, Anno 2070 for 7.49 euros, call of Juarez: Gunslinger for 9,74 euro, far cry 3 for 12.99 euros, Rayman legends for 19,49 EUR and driver: San Francisco for 6.49 euros. Take a look yourself in the Ubisoft catalog.

Who cannot do anything with the games and want to play something free on the weekend, will also find it. Over the weekend, Activision call of duty held: ghosts a free weekend, where you can play the multiplayer. Who is entscheidetet in time for a purchase, pays 50 percent of less.

At the same time, the experience points will be doubled, so that is worth playing even for those who already own the shooter.

New Systems Lead The Way

Call of duty – PlayStation 4 and Xbox one as lead platforms of the new branch

The responsible Publisher Activision according to the focus of this year’s branch of the shooter series call of duty on the two one of next-gen systems Xbox and PlayStation 4.

Call of Duty: Ghosts - Screenshots aus dem Multiplayer-Modus

In the past week, Activision announced that will allow in the future more time the Development Studio behind the shooter series call of duty and offer them the opportunity, working a total of three years to a new offshoot.

For the first time with the boat: so far almost exclusively by supporting aid work in appearance that sledgehammer games, which has already begun work on a new and for 2014 scheduled call of duty behind the scenes. As Eric Hirshberg, CEO of publishing at Activision, now assured in an interview with the English-language Web site, the latest call of Dutys focuses first on the two next-generation consoles Xbox one and PlayStation 4.

Because the developer team at sledgehammer games no longer will be forced to take account of the now slightly older consoles PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, and instead wholeheartedly the PS4 and Xbox one could focus on the strengths, was to be expected that the new call of duty technically do a much better figure than call of duty: Ghosts.

Furthermore, Hirshberg indicates that the new call of duty with the one or other fresh game idea to wait on. Closer to the detail he didn’t so however.

Call of duty – 2013 was the top brand in the United States

According to Activision, call of duty was in the year 2013 of the top franchise in the United States. Broken on individual games download on GTA 5 led over last year in terms of sales figures for Activision.

Activision announced Blizzard, call of duty was the successful gaming franchise in the United States–even in the fifth year in a row with all their offshoots in the calendar year 2013.

What exactly you get this statement, overall but remains in the report in the English-language Web site over the announcement of the results of the publishers for the fourth quarter of 2013 and the year 2013, however a number is called after all: alone call of duty: black OPS 2 should have been played over four billion hours last year.

And especially on an offshoot of the shooter series involved has the company to report a success: call of duty: ghosts to 2013 have been the best selling game in North America and Europe in the fourth quarter and also in terms of generated sales front have had the nose. At the same time the shooter has 4, and the Xbox one until today the highest sales of all next-gen games on the PlayStation.

The sales figures of the entire calendar year 2013 Activision must however, Blizzard a competitor can defer: take-two and its open-world action game GTA 5, that in North America and Europe throughout the year looked at best selling. On the courses follow two and three but with call of duty and Skylander two Activision brand.

New DLC Released

Call of duty: Ghosts – release of the individualization DLCs moves

One of Infinity Ward released teaser image that is apparently a new DLC for call of duty: proposed to ghosts, focused thematically on the character of Captain price known in the modern warfare series. In the meantime, first details are known.

Call of Duty: Ghosts - Captain Price


Update (February 19, 2014): The Development Studio Infinity Ward has the publication of the announced personalization content for call of duty: ghosts move. Instead, as originally announced on 18 February 2014, the DLCs now only appear on February 20th, 2014 for the Xbox 360 and the Xbox one. It was announced via the company’s official Twitter channel.

It is unknown when the new content for the other platforms will be made available.
Update (February 14, 2014): Now has on his official blog at about the new customization content for call of duty Activision’s Community Manager Dan Amrich: ghosts expressed and revealed the first details.

Are planned accordingly, regardless of Captain Price, three personalization packages that bring different designs for the camouflage of weapons, player card, crosshair and badge to. Cost: Each $ 1.99. Also some characters from the story mode can be transferred for also $ 1.99 shooter in the multiplayer part. Keegan, Merrick, Elias, and HESH make the start.

In addition, as announced, kostendes a $3.99 personalization package, whose focus is the Captain Price known from modern warfare.

Original message: the Development Studio Infinity Ward plans apparently return of a character known from the modern warfare series: Captain Price should soon be the way in the latest series spin-off of call of duty: find ghosts. Anyway, that emerges from a teaser Tweet of on, the company.
But only, it says that you should get ready because price was on the way. What is planned exactly on new content for the shooter, was initially unclear. A report by according to a YouTuber named» TWiiNSANE «something further drilled up and published a video on now at the urging of the publishers Activision again deleted.

Emerged from this that apparently a price personalization package for the 18 February 2014 is planned, that thematically match brings a Player skin, a weapons camouflage, a crosshair, a badge, a players card and a background.

Officially confirmed that no Ward by infinity so far however.

Cod Ghosts January Patch

Call of duty: Ghosts is available a new update is now available for download

The patch brings Gungame and hunted FFA in the multiplayer of shooter game modes in addition to several hotfixes. You can find out what new features are in our message. The developers worked since end of 2013 on the update for all platforms.

cod ghosts patch

Infinity Ward has a major update for call of duty: Ghost published. The official blog of the shooters, Community Coordinator Candice Capen published a complete list of changes. The new game modes are likely to be particularly exciting. Among other things, the popular Gungame is reintroduced. After victories, you gain a new weapon in this mode until you finally arrive at the knife. Also the hunted mode is in the free-for all introduced. For extinction mode introduces also five new Prestige ranks that will offer you a special challenge. In addition to the new features, fixes this update stability problems and screw on the balancing of the shooters.

So the deathly silence perk in call of duty is for example: ghosts reinforced. You use the extra, all sounds for the opponent will be inaudible. These include well your equipment and movements. Some change to the broadcaster mode and the General interface are made for followers of the sport. The complete list of patch notes to the call of duty: you’ll find ghosts, as well as platform-specific changes in the official support thread. The update is currently only for Xbox 360, PC and Xbox one available and 1187 MB in size. The patch should be submitted on 29 January 2014 for PS4 and PS3. Find all news and updates to the shooter as usual on our extensive topic page to call of duty: ghosts.

Onslaught DLC Preview

Nightfall Episode 1

Check the new Call of Duty Ghosts Onslaught DLC

Each Call of Duty game is during the year after the extended release with four packs of downloadable content. If you the Season Pass of Call of Duty: Ghosts have already purchased, you will receive these packs free. For the rest of the players, however, it is also possible each pack sold separately. The first downloadable content package will be named Onslaught and contains four multiplayer maps, a single Extinction mode folder and two new weapons. Check the previews modes



My favorite map of the four newcomers is undoubtedly the medium Bayview. This directory offers a number of different interesting elements. So, the folder is on a pier on the water, what the decor hult in a Merry and bright colour palette. The two memorable points of Bayview are, however, a moving cart, which extends from the one to the other side of the pier goes and where players instead, and the aquarium. There is still quite a few buildings with some height differences in the folder, making each play session a new passage discovered.



In addition to Bayview is also Fog a nice addition to the catalogue of maps of Ghosts. This is a medium-sized folder with a very dark feel. The big gimmick of Fog, is that it is possible to change in Michael Myers, the horror icon, after receiving the appropriate care package. When this happens to you, is it possible to like a madman running around with an extremely lethal axe and to collect considerably more damage. This will create some interesting moments and makes the folder even more unpredictable. It is Fog especially from many passages, swamps and leave a number of wooden buildings.



Ignition is not actually a new folder but a remake of Scrapyard from Modern Warfare 2. Scrapyard was a fun, but no exciting folder and that feeling confirms Ignition once again. Here and there are some nice adjustments done and occasionally will be a dynamic event change the folder very light, yet is never more than a copy of Ignition Scrapyard. Perhaps there are more fans of the folder exist than I can imagine, but that will turn out. Personally, I prefer a new folder, then a recycled.



The least of the four is in my view Containment. This concerns a small folder, which you almost have forgotten after a night’s sleep. The folder consists largely of what standard buildings and a bridge that connects two parts of the level, but no element really knows to convince. Furthermore, the compactness of this level an additional amount of chaos, something where Ghosts in my opinion already possessed enough of. The directory is not bad, but will also certainly not a favorite.

Nightfall Episode 1

Nightfall Episode 1

In addition to the four maps, there is also a new folder for the Extinction mode where Onslaught with it shows off. This concerns the first episode of a story that will continue in these packs. The folder is this time off in a snow field, where a military base is located. The addition of an overarching story is nice, but in practice plays a small role. In addition, do you do, on the few new enemies, the new weapon and a challenging final boss after Extinction, exactly the same trick as in the original folder. It may be the figurehead of Onslaught, even I do not know to the Extinction Episode 1 Nightfall mode.

New Weapons!

Finally, there is also two weapons added. Actually, this is a single weapon, that if Assault Rifle or Sniper Rifle to use. New weapons to impress me never know and also the Maverick and Maverick-A2 knew this feeling not to break. Might be nice if alternation, but switch does not seem necessary, since the weapons have no real added value. Spoken about added value, for collectors, there are also four Extinction Eggs to collect in the four multiplayer maps for bonus XP, but whether that improves the game experience so much, I doubt that. Our call of duty ghosts hacks are still compatible with the new MODS and DLC as you should be safe to use them even now without fear of being banned.

Onslaught initially appears especially focusing on the first Nighfall Episode. Unfortunately I was and I’m still not a fan of the Extinction mode, whereby I only see added value in two great new maps for multiplayer. Bayview is an instant classic and Fog does, partly because of Michael Myers, also attempting to among the Favorites. Ignition is not only a nice remake and Containment is simply not memorable. The new weapons are a small bonus for the loyal Season Pass owners, but every other player can I Onslaught really only recommend if you are away from the Extinction mode. Check our new review for the onslaught DLC to know more about the new content.

Call of Duty Ghosts Modes

Know more about the Call of Duty Ghosts Modes – Complete Overview

multiplayer mod

As every year, there is a number of new modes in multiplayer, which I Grind the most interesting addition was made. Gravel is a type of Kill Confirmed, keeping your tags should be ‘ banks ‘ on two Bank locations before you hit the points for your team. Cranked is actually Team Deathmatch, where you get a kill after about 30 seconds to make the next kill before you explodes. This ensures that you will encounter no campers. Check our complete game review and tell us more about your experience with the game.

Multiplayer Mod

Every year is the weather thumbs that your favorite game mode it stays in place and this year especially the Headquarters/Hard point and * shocker alert * CTF fanatics the sjaak. There removed, but Rubin has already indicated that that can come back later with DLC and any updates. League Play is also out. If you play a lot of League Play with three friends? Do not completely panic, Rubin has confirmed that they continue to support clans. There will be a special Clans playlist, where you can join and four with MLG rules can play against other clans. Other typical League Play elements, such as join a random team or a random invader to do along with your team of three, you will have to do without. I find it very regrettable, I have many hours in League Play stopped and it made Call of Duty for me a lot more interesting by the emphasis to teamplay.


call of duty ghosts quick scope

You can quickscopen in Call of Duty: Ghosts? Yes and no. Infinity Ward has set out to make more like snipe to snipe. The problem with quickscopen was that a sniper shot right at the moment you quickscopete unrealistic. You can still shoot it quickly with a sniper, but there is a random deviation built at the time that you do it. Rubin:

It ensures that snipers be traditional snipers again and be forced to play what will be more static. To get you in that more traditional role to give some more overview, Infinity Ward has dual render added, where you still have a blurry image around your scope of what happens around it. ‘ It’s more about being a sniper than running around like an SMG guy. ‘, said Mark Rubin.


call of duty ghosts maps

There is more emphasis on vertical gameplay in the maps. There are of course also still traditional Call of Duty maps in which you play one or two levels high, but you get to a number of maps you should really observe if you don’t like ten feet tall is shot. It delivers chaotic scenes on it picks up every now and then, but very nice.

In each game mode is now also a Field Order, this is a case that at first blood is dropped and includes a command that you need to complete in a lifetime, such as the teabaggen of your victims or make two kills with a busted weapon. Should that happen, then you get a reward, often in the form of a Care Package, but sometimes also dramatischers something. As previously announced, most maps with dynamic events, for example, you may find that you can drop a nuke with a Field Order that the entire folder into a mess. Not every folder has such a great dynamic, it can also be a tree that you can shoot so you get a new road creates or a fence that you dichtgooit to block an access to a strategic spot.


call of duty ghosts extinction mode

Infinity Ward has of origin Spec Ops as coop mode and that I found personally always a lot of fun to do, more fun than zombies (though I know that this many people against the shins stairs). This year they have chosen the Extinction Mode, with … aliens. Jep. Aliens. I freaked out when I heard it as a silly, while Wouter next to me couldn’t suppress a small sleeve. When Extinction mode? Well, it’s a Wave/Tower Defense/RPG-Coop, you have to be there with your sizes make sure you uitroot the Hives of the aliens with a Jackhammer. Oh, you want the story behind the aliens really hear? Is ie: after the missile attack by the Federation there are craters of millions of years old with where meteorites opengeschoten inzaten kind of extraterrestrial life. Two weeks after the attack, the Earth is so infested with the scum and you must close once and for all that craters with a nuke. So.

You choose in the beginning a class; Medic, Engineer, Tank, Specialist, you can progress during your leveling with skillpoints you deserve. You can stop your points in your class-specific skill (for example, faster heal at Medic etc.) or in the upgrades of your equipment that you can put down or dropping for your teammates. You can choose four equipmentslots with ammo, armor, turrets and other traps, which you then can put down and throw for you and your teammates with the money you earn with killen and teamplay. So you go from Hive to Hive to those filthy slippery beasts of Jacobs, while the opposition is heavier and heavier. Our hacks work for all game modes and can be used by anyone with ease.

I found it more fun than Zombies, but less fun than Spec Ops. It’s less static than Zombies, the environment is more open and the Aliens move more unpredictable. Working with towerdefense and giving boosts to your teammates is fun and you’re a solid team right away, because you have really need each other. Just like the classes that work very well and add something to the mode. But if you’ve played one more time and you’re gone, do you just not one more time. Maybe in a day or a half, but otherwise it’s pretty quickly repetitive. Could you still In Spec Ops for multiple missions and other difficulty, making you could do as a whole evening with your friends. Extinction Mode can I find a nice addition, but I’d actually prefer new Spec Ops missions. Mark Rubin has also indicated that there most likely DLC comes with a new Extinction level.


Call of Duty Ghosts Review

Our complete review for the latest Call of Duty Ghosts – What you should expect

call of duty ghosts singleplayer
If you think that it is difficult in a year and a half to a triple A title out of the ground pounding, remember the stress that Infinity Ward must have had when they realized that there are two new platforms for the Ghosts. I spoke to executive producer Mark Rubin in London and which confirms that the a hell of chore was to make this game:


The story of the single player is set in the future. The Federation – a pact of South American countries-has the arrows targeting rule the world. And the world starts in the us of course, that’s why they have the whole a lot from a space station, the US bombed and invaded.

In Ghosts you start in the skin of Logan, a guest who can’t talk (at least, so does ie never). His brother Hesh talk some more and along with their faithful dog Riley they go the adventure of the Ghosts single player whose story largely takes place ten years after the invasion.

call of duty ghosts story


The adventure begins with spectacular scenes in space and with introducing a USA where the crap pretty gummed up to the ball. It made me right on Last of Us and I Am Legend think, buildings that are overgrown and smashed, sad by plants and where the wild terugpikt the world has gradually. Thus, the decor one moment consist of a beautiful abandoned and broken theater, where you can stand eye to eye so moments later with a deer. The beginning of the campaign is definitely my favorite part in which speed is still fairly low and much attention is paid to putting down a torn America and the role of the resistance, where Logan and Hesh are part of. The highlight is the kind of Game of Thrones-of Destiny-wall, which stretches all the way to Texas from L.A., and is intended to keep out the Federation. This section is so incredibly good that I never put down wegwilde.

call of duty ghosts underwater


At the time I expressed this wish, I came across in the well-known roller coaster ride. So you go to drilling platforms, jungles, on ice, under ice, under water, in the air, in space, on the train, on the train, on the beach etc. It’s all very well made and looks very cool, as we come to expect from the Call of Duty franchises. But I am sorry that the tough face that drop does not retain the game in the beginning. I had rested a little longer in that want to stay fat guerilla wasteland to gently and steadily to opposition murders.

call of duty ghosts riley the dog


There is much to do to Riley the hi-res dog which is part of the single player. Riley has a large role In the beginning and you have a really feel connected with brother and dog, which has its peak at a kind of Ghillies in the Mist-like mission with Riley. However, the impact is not near that classic example of single player adventure of the series. Later in the story drops the role of Riley a little into the background and stays there is actually a single player that has always been about as we were accustomed to.

Anyway, the singleplayer you play in 4.5 hours from and slumped for me after the start so a bit in, the obvious ‘ plot twists ‘ contribute to at. Infinity Ward has delivered a fairly good singleplayer, but certainly not memorable.

call of duty ghosts multiplayer


Key element in Call of Duty is that every year something has changed is to the multiplayer. Also this year, Infinity Ward the pillows fluffed considerably. The Pick At system from BO II there is thrown out and replaced for a new system, get out, with perks and weapons are pulled from each other again. Perks are now classified on points, with the replacement of the UAV, a erroristah that you can put down on the ground, for example 1 point costs costs 2 points and the most expensive perk, scavenger is 4 points. In total you can organize to perks for 10 points. In addition, you get credits that you can use to guns and attachments to unlock. So you can play right from the start with your favorite weapon, without that you first have to achieve a certain level. You have to earn extra credits, of course, but the order of unlocking is completely to yourself. For the multiplayer you can always count on our amazing call of duty ghosts hacks to aid you on your journey to greatness.

I personally find this an improvement, because you can get started right away with the weapon you would like and it prevents you trailing begins on customers who go from launch no-life and leave you with the best weapons no chance.


A larger change is Squads, in which you control a squad of ten man can make and all the characters their own load-out and look. The goal is to eliminate your Squad levelt and with earned points can get out an improved score. There are several ways that you can do and if you can give a specific task every Member of your Squad. Then you can go to the fight against Squads of the AI that adapt to your level or against Squads of fishing from your friendslist. You can also invite your friends to join in coop mode to your Squad.

This mode allows you to see as a kind of management game, in which you must ensure that you compose your Squad on the smartest way that will make you opponent not only on skill but also on tactical preparation can be too strong. You can with each Member of your Squad sometime in prestige, so you can go a total of 10 times in prestige.

Suqads is a nice addition for people who do not want to start because of the high rape to the multiplayer-probabilty or because of trollende and irritating players, such as crying 14-year-old French. Also for people who find it a challenge to a Squad to tweak and all members of your Squad to maxen is a great game mode. I wonder how this will save, I’ll be there itself probably few are up to. Check the other game modes you can play with your friends.